Our Strategy

Karner Blue Capital offers a unique range of socially responsible investment strategies to enhance animal welfare. We evaluate corporate conduct affecting animal welfare by considering: the appropriateness of their use of animals, their treatment of animals while in captivity and the impact of their corporate operations on animals in the wild and their habitats.

This holistic approach to animal welfare encompasses many animals including farm, research, companion and wildlife. Karner Blue Capital seeks to deliver financial returns through investment in those companies that exhibit industry leadership in their animal welfare standards.

We take a mission-based approach that combines research and advocacy to deliver a high quality investment experience. Our products are developed with you, the client, in mind – investors passionate and motivated to make a significant impact in the lives of animals in the U.S. and around the globe.

Through proprietary research, Karner Blue Capital has identified 119 animal welfare performers out of an initial pool of over 4,000 global companies. KBC leverages information from third-party data providers, NGOs, corporations, non-profit groups, and various media outlets to obtain a comprehensive view of each company’s sustainability practices, especially as they relate to animal welfare.

Karner Blue Capital focuses on those industries with direct exposure to animal welfare issues. Companies that achieve a baseline sustainability rating are evaluated and scored based on proprietary industry specific key performance animal welfare indicators (KPIs). An animal welfare score is calculated for each company based on the summation of their weighted KPI’s. Karner Blue selects companies scoring in the top half of their industry group for further consideration and possible inclusion in the KBC strategies.

Karner Blue Capital also monitors and evaluates company involvement in ESG controversies over the past five years. Animal welfare controversies may lower a company’s score, and those companies with a track record of numerous ESG controversies or particularly egregious animal welfare controversies are brought to committee for further evaluation. Based on the magnitude of these infractions, KBC may chose to remove the company from the Animal Welfare Portfolio.



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client focus

We are committed to delivering an innovative, educational and high quality investment experience for our clients.

portfolio composition

Our portfolio is comprised of companies that exhibit robust animal welfare practices across diverse industry sectors.

differentiated research

We identitfy those industries with an animal impact in their operations, and allocate capital to those determined to have better animal welfare practices.

advocacy platform

We leverage the full scope of advocacy tools to influence the development of better animal welfare policies across the corporate spectrum.


Karner Blue Capital is committed to advancing our clients’ interest and providing impact through our proprietary research and active advocacy platform.

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Karner Blue Capital contributes 10% of its management fees to selected animal welfare membership organizations, facilitating our research and the Karner Blue Capital client engagement experience.