One of the common questions we’re asked is “How can I use my money to make a difference in the world?” We have seen growing interest in socially responsible investing that puts animals first and want to do our utmost to help facilitate change by bringing together investors and carefully researched investment opportunities with sustainable companies, who share a mutual desire to improve our planet. Karner Blue Capital is passionate about serving as your advocate on this mission, offering a range of investment strategies that empower your ability to make a change. Read our most frequently asked questions below, or contact us for more information.


Is the Animal Welfare Strategy vegan or animal free?

Most of our strategies are not vegan, however we are in the process of developing a separate vegan animal welfare strategy. Karner Blue Capital (KBC) recognizes that corporations, through their operations, have a significant impact on the lives of animals and we have developed a pragmatic approach to influence corporate behavior. Through equity ownership and active engagement KBC seeks to raise animal welfare standards across industries to improve the lives of animals globally. Most of our strategies therefore are not vegan, however, we are in the process of developing a separate vegan animal welfare strategy. For more information on the KBC Animal Welfare Strategy please click here.

How are companies within the Animal Welfare Strategy chosen?

Karner Blue Capital researches companies based on proprietary key performance indicators that consider the appropriateness of their use of animals, the treatment of animals during their captivity and the impact of their activities on wild animals and their habitats. Karner Blue Capital determines an animal welfare score for each company, rating them relative to their peers, and only invests in those companies that perform better than the mean for their industry.

Why are controversial industries such as metals and mining or oil and gas included?

Extractive industries such as oil and gas and metals and mining are included due to the significance of their impact on biodiversity. Karner Blue Capital recognizes that habitat destruction is the primary cause of biodiversity loss and seeks to identify those companies that are implementing practices to conserve and in some cases, improve, those areas where animal habitats are threatened.

What financial analysis is incorporated into the Animal Welfare Strategy methodology?

Karner Blue Capital applies a financial risk assessment through review of certain key financial metrics. Companies that are determined to have an unusually high risk profile in comparison to their industry peers are further evaluated and may be removed from the portfolio.

What is the minimum opening account balance?

The minimum opening account balance is $4,000. Please visit our How to Invest section for more detailed information.

How do I get started and open an account?

Karner Blue Capital has established a relationship with Folio Investments, Inc. (Folio), which provides brokerage and custody services to KBC’s clients. To open an account click on the “How to Invest” button in our navigation area at the top of this page, or click here. This will bring you to Folio’s website where you can review and accept Folio’s brokerage account documentation and KBC’s new client documentation, including KBC’s investment management agreement and firm brochure. You will also be asked to complete a brief investor questionnaire, KBC will recommend a suitable questionnaire and, based on your responses to the questionnaire, KBC will recommend a suitable compassionate investing strategy for you.

Is there a customization opportunity for my portfolio?

Yes, portfolios can be tailored to eliminate certain industry sectors, companies, geographies or animal exposures.

What is considered a controversy?

Corporate controversies represent acts committed by companies that are considered disputable. These may involve incidents that effect environmental, social or governance issues such as animal welfare, deforestation or gender inequality.

How often are companies screened for controversies?

The research team at Karner Blue Capital conducts controversy screening weekly and in real-time. Through monitoring of NGO newsletters, third-party data feeds, and tailored internet push notifications, KBC seeks to ensure that controversies relating to companies held in any of our portfolios are detected and evaluated. Significant controversies are elevated for further evaluation and may result in adjusted portfolio weightings.

What shareholder resolutions have you filed?

The SEC’s Shareholder Proposal Rule (Rule 14a-8) requires that a shareholder own at least $2,000 in market value or one percent of a company’s outstanding shares for at least one year before filing a shareholder resolution. In 2017, Karner Blue Capital purchased shares of several companies for the purpose of filing shareholder resolutions congruent with our corporate engagement strategy. Please visit our Corporate Engagement page for details on our advocacy platform.

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