Animal Welfare Strategy

Karner Blue Capital evaluates corporate conduct affecting animal welfare by considering corporate leadership regarding the appropriateness of their treatment of animals while in captivity and the impact of their corporate operations on animals in the wild and their habitats.


The Karner Blue holistic approach to animal welfare encompasses many animals including farm, research, companion and wildlife. We seek to invest in companies that demonstrate animal welfare leadership through policies and practices including:

  • Reductions or eliminations of the use of animal products in business operations and/or production of viable and sustainable alternatives,
  • Efforts to enhance and improve the well-being of animals in captivity,
  • Preservation of animal habitats, and
  • Innovation and partnerships to address global animal welfare challenges, including wildlife poaching.



The Karner Blue Animal Welfare Principles provide a framework for our evaluation of investment opportunities and represent the most fundamental standards of animal care. There are few, if any, companies that will satisfy all of the Principles. However, through the application of the Principles, Karner Blue seeks to identify those companies that strive to promote best practices for animals.



The Karner Blue Animal Welfare Fact Sheet includes a portfolio summary, industry allocations, market capitalization, geographic regions and top ten holdings.

The portfolio can be customized to have exposure to industry leaders or U.S. only.