Animal Guardianship Strategy

The Animal Guardianship Strategy invests in businesses that have a direct relationship with animals in the scope of their business operations, including animals in farming and laboratory animals used in research. The Animal Guardianship Strategy provides Karner Blue clients with investment exposure to companies that exhibit leadership in their animal welfare policies and practices.


Karner Blue Capital’s Animal Guardianship Strategy focuses on companies that have direct impact on animals and are an integral part of their business operations. This strategy evaluates companies based on their policies and practices as they relate to farm and research animals. Criteria companies are evaluated on include:

  • The five freedoms (freedom from: hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain and disease, fear and distress, abnormal behavior)
  • Policies in place to ensure proper breeding practices, living environment, mutilation practices, transportation, and slaughter practices
  • The three R’s of animal testing: Reduce, Replace, and Refine
  • Accreditation of animal testing policies
  • Investments and research made into alternatives to animal testing
  • Companies that test beyond legal requirements are excluded



The following graphs provide an overview of the KBC Animal Guardianship Global Strategy by industry, market capitalization and geographic region. This Strategy is also available as a U.S.-only strategy, as well as global and U.S.-only leaders strategies, that focuses exclusively on those companies that are animal welfare leaders in their industries.

KBC Animal Guardianship Global Strategy as of December 19, 2018

Animal Guardianship Global By Industry
animal guardianship pie charts


The KBC Portfolio Fact Sheets include portfolio summaries, industry allocations, market capitalization, geographic region and top ten holdings.