Animal Conservation Strategy

The Animal Conservation Strategy evaluates companies that in the normal course of their business disrupt the habitats of wild animals. Habitat destruction is the leading cause of biodiversity loss. Karner Blue Capital seeks to invest in companies that actively engage in strategies designed to avoid, limit or remediate the animal habitats disrupted by their operations.


Karner Blue Capital’s Animal Conservation Strategy evaluates corporate conduct that affects natural animal habitats. Depending on the industry, KBC evaluates companies that have established policies and practices on some or all of
the following:

  • Thorough land considerations via risk and environmental impact assessment
  • The mapping and monitoring of sensitive areas and endangered species that possess high biodiversity value
  • Mitigation measures to ensure any unnecessary degradation of animal habitats
  • Effective conservation and reforestation efforts during and after operations close
  • Transparent and definitive supply chains with accreditation where possible
  • Sustainable waste and water management plans



The Karner Blue Animal Welfare Principles provide a framework for our evaluation of investment opportunities and represent the most fundamental standards of animal care. There are few, if any, companies that will satisfy all of the Principles. However, through the application of the Principles, Karner Blue seeks to identify those companies that strive to promote best practices for animals.



The Karner Blue Animal Conservation Fact Sheet includes a portfolio summary, industry allocations, market capitalization, geographic regions and top ten holdings.

The portfolio can be customized to have exposure to industry leaders or U.S. only.