About Us

Karner Blue Capital, the nation’s first registered investment advisor to evaluate publicly-traded companies on animal welfare criteria, develops investment strategies as a means of generating financial returns and reducing harm inflicted upon animals by corporate enterprises.

Evaluating thousands of companies across a range of industries, KBC includes companies in its strategies that have reduced their reputational and workforce risks by promoting innovative business practices that enhance the lives of domesticated and wild animals and the ecological health of the planet.

In recognition of the vital interdependence of the Earth’s bio-systems, we named our company after the endangered Karner Blue Butterfly. Like most butterflies, the beautifully iridescent Karner Blue Butterfly is extremely sensitive to ecological change and experienced a 99 percent population decline during the 20th century.

In 1992 the Karner Blue Butterfly was federally listed as an endangered species, but 25 years later its population exceeded recovery goals, thanks to a coalition of compassionate gardeners, volunteers, nonprofits and government conservation programs. Today, the Karner Blue Butterfly stands as a powerful symbol of the impact of collaboration and coordination amongst stakeholders.


Karner Blue Capital envisions a world where all animals are treated ethically and with compassion. We believe:

  • Animals are sentient beings deserving of just and compassionate treatment
  • Companies have an ethical responsibility towards the animals affected by their operations
  • Poor animal welfare policies represent significant reputational, environmental and regulatory risks to corporations
  • Many companies lack transparency regarding their animal welfare policies and procedures such that investors are unable to properly incorporate these risks in their stock value assessments
  • Investment risks related to animal welfare can be evaluated and assessed through research, company engagement and controversy screening


Karner Blue Capital is the pioneer of compassionate investing. In collaboration with the Karner Blue Center for a Humane Economy and our investors we strive to influence the behavior of corporations in society, benefiting the sustainability of the planet and its living creatures.

Our efforts raise awareness of the challenges to our planet’s future and strengthen our shared commitment to sustainable business practices that provide for all living beings.

We envision a future economy where corporate behavior is guided by principles of responsibility, respect and ethical treatment of all life. Our compassionate investment strategies are guided by a conviction to provide for those in need and a desire to better the emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing of all living creatures.


Animals provide companionship, protection, beauty and the planet’s survival depends on its ecological and biological diversity.


 Vicki Benjamin of Karner Blue Capital - Managing Member and President
Andrew Neibler of Karner Blue Capital - Managing Member, Executive VP and General Counsel